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WEB A highly economical inductive joining technology for fibre composite connections

Wednesday (29.04.2020)
09:45 - 10:05 Room 1

Economical joining processes for the connection of hybrid lightweight structures are key factors for the application in industries such as transport, automotive production and aerospace. Mechanical, chemical and thermal technologies are currently used to join fibre-reinforced plastics with each other and with different metals. The advantage of induction heating, as a thermal joining process, is the direct generation of heat within electrically conductive materials. The innovative "Inductive Contact Joining" (ICJ) uses a compact coil tool (inductor) to transmit alternating electromagnetic fields. The novelty of the ICJ-process comprises the parallel transmission of the electromagnetic field, the pressure application and cooling of the joint by the compact and water-cooled inductor. This approach allows very fast consolidation of the joint. The compact design of the induction tool allows also an easy integration of the joining process into automated manufacturing processes, e.g. as a joining clamp. Point-shaped overlapping joints between CFRP and GFRP organic sheets could be realized within a total joining time of 5 s. In shear tensile tests, strengths above 30 MPa were achieved.



Alexander Fröhlich
Chemnitz University of Technology
Additional Authors:
  • Martin Kroll
    Chemnitz University of Technology


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