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WEB A holistic approach to optimization-based design of hybrid materials

Tuesday (28.04.2020)
11:00 - 11:20 Room 2

Hybrid materials like fiber-metal laminates (FML) are able to lead to significant weight reduction with load adapted through-thickness and surface properties. In order to ensure that the full lightweight potential of hybrid components is exploited, a holistic top-down approach is considered. Starting with the final geometry and distributed stresses an optimal material distribution can be evaluated and transformed to a semi-finished blank. Nevertheless, the formability of this optimized FML is unknown, subsequently the formability needs to be investigated and the thickness and surface properties need to be adapted to avoid forming failures. From a mathematical point of view, this is a classical multi-objective optimization problem with conflicting objective functions like formability and lightweight factor for a given structural component. Therefore, the aim of the research project HyOpt is a purpose-built CAE method for tailor-made hybrid materials by using numerical optimization algorithms. By selecting material proportions, thicknesses and orientation angles, optima can be achieved in terms of lightweight, mechanical properties and forming characteristics. This holistic optimization routine demands basic research especially for suitable optimization algorithms which allow a trade-off between structural (e.g. full-vehicle simulation) and process simulations (e.g. forming).

Marcel Triebus
Paderborn University
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Tröster
    Paderborn University


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