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WEB Combined Curing and Deep Drawing of Fiber Metal Laminates to Spherical Hybrid Components

Tuesday (28.04.2020)
12:20 - 12:40 Room 2

Nowadays, environment protection and thus the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions has an increasing impact on the future perspective of the society. That is also the reason why the automotive industry has to generate new opportunities to reduce fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions of future car generations. One way of doing this is to reduce the weight of the car. Here the use of innovative hybrid material like Fiber Metal Laminate (FML) is very promising in regard to the mechanical properties as well the economical and ecological expenses. Especially in this context, the use of FML consisting from two sheet-metal top layers and a CFRP core, e.g. of a pre-configured prepreg with a duromer matrix. Due to this special composition a very efficient processing in adapted sheet-metal-forming processes (deep-drawing) become possible where the forming and curing of the part take place. According to this, research work is presently performed at the Chair of Forming and Machining Technology (LUF) at the University of Paderborn. Aim of this work is to gain knowledge about the material and the production process and use this for the successful production of complex automotive structural components.

So, the paper will present results of research work on the formability of blanks from the above mentioned special hybrid FML material under multiaxial load using spherical demonstrators with different drawing depths. A typical problem during the manufacturing of according parts is the occurrence of pronounced wrinkles and fracture. So, in regard to the prevention of wrinkling due to high tangential stresses during the forming process an adapted semi-finished part design is promising. That is why fiber scrim modifications were carried out by placing several smaller CFRP patches with different geometries (contour, length and wide) in different positions and orientations according to the acting stresses between the cover sheets. The results of research work will be discussed in comparison to the form and dimensional accuracy of deep drawn spherical hybrid components whose CFRP cores have unidirectional full-layered structures. These results prove the effectiveness of this measure.

Hüseyin Sapli
Paderborn University
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Homberg
    Paderborn University
  • Thomas Heggemann
    Paderborn University


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