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An Innovative Complex Quantum Advanced Material , Regular Full Heusler :Au2LaB .

Room 1

Heusler alloys, are investigated in a deep new varied and conformed exclusive study prediction based on Ab Initio first principle, In order to use them in so many advanced technology matter, we must identify their nature and determine also their many several physic chemical characteristic proprieties like: structural, elastic, mechanic, acoustic, thermodynamic, magnetic, electronic, dielectric, optical, nuclear,…..
There is a new state matter definition: half metallic. Heussler s’ materials as nanostructures develop peculiar effects on their surfaces sits, so that a new types induced quasi particles appear created when interacting. Relatively to perturbation origin, some quasi particles appears: Exciton, Phonon, Magnon, Plasmon, photons,Polaron, ….. Generally Heusler ‘s materials develop many interesting effects applications in: spintronics, electronic advanced devices, optoelectronics, super conductivity, mechatronics, atomic mirrors, metallic lenses, electrodynamic engines, energy efficiency, storage, transport, harvesting, nanotechnology, Radar, wave guide, antenna, optical fiber,…. , then so multiples various scientific and industrial fields.

Ph.D. Chafia Metaoui
University of Sidi Bel Abbesse


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