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Plenary Lecture

WEB Electrochemical analysis as a useful tool for evaluating the risk of corrosion in multi-material design

Wednesday (29.04.2020)
13:20 - 14:00 Room 1

13:20 - 14:00

Lightweight design is one of the greatest challenges for industry in particular for the automotive as well as aircraft industry. This requires the use of different metals and their alloys as well as polymers and thus the possibility of mixed construction. When combining different materials, however, attention should not only be paid to the strength values and low density (savings in mass), but also to the corrosion behaviour of mixed constructions in order to minimise the risk of galvanic corrosion and thus to achieve an appropriate operating time. Galvanic corrosion elements appear when two different materials are simultaneously connected both electrically as well as by an electrolyte film. The less noble material is destroyed at an accelerated rate. The more noble material can even remain corrosion-free under suitable circumstances.

In this presentation, electrochemical analysis will be presented as a tool for the predictive assessment of galvanic corrosion in multi-material designs. In addition, its use in the development and validation of new systems to avoid time-consuming corrosion tests and thus delays in early development phases is pointed out. Practical examples from other long term tests and the field complete the topic and underline the practical relevance of electrochemical analysis.

Additional Authors:
  • Irina Sieber
    InnCoa GmbH