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Structural optimization of locally continuous fiber-reinforcements for short fiber-reinforced plastics

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The integration of structures made of continuous fiber-reinforced plastics (CoFRP) into short fiber-reinforced plastics (SFRP) enables significant improvements in strength and stiffness. A challenge for the combination of both materials is to identify the optimal topology of the reinforcement structure.

To identify the load paths, commercially available topology optimizers are often used. These do not take into account the anisotropy of the CoFRP and the stiffness of the SFRP. To investigate the influence of neglecting these material properties, different approaches to topology optimization are combined.

In order to demonstrate the potential of the various optimization algorithms, optimizations were carried out for a cantilever beam. As a reference, a calculation was performed using BESO-algorithm for isotropic materials. This result is compared with an optimization considering the anisotropy and local fiber orientation of the CoFRP structure. In the next step the stiffness of the SFRP is also considered.

The results show significant differences between the examined approaches. In addition to improved mechanical properties, less complex structures are obtained, which allow easier production.

Konstantin Mehl
Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH
Additional Authors:
  • Sebastian Schmeer
    Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim M. Hausmann
    Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH


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