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An Innovative Complex Quantum Advanced Material , Regular Full Heusler :Au2LaB .

Room 2



Abstract :


Heusler alloys , are investigated in a deep new varied and conformed exclusive study prediction based on Ab Initio first principle, In order to use them in so many advanced technology matter , we must identify their nature and determine also their many several physic chemical characteristic proprieties like : structural , elastic, mechanic, acoustic, thermodynamic , magnetic, electronic ,dielectric, optical ,nuclear ,….. There is a new state matter definition : half metallic. Heussler s’ materials as nanostructures develop peculiar effects on their surfaces sits , so that a new types induced quasi particles appear created when interacting .Relatively to perturbation origin ,some quasi particles appears: Exciton , Phonon , Magnon , Plasmon , photons ,Polaron , …..Generally Heusler ‘s materials develop many interesting effects applications in : spintronics , electronic advanced devices , optoelectronics , super conductivity , mechatronics , atomic mirrors , metallic lenses , electrodynamic engines , energy efficiency, storage , transport, harvesting , nanotechnology , Radar ,wave guide , antenna , optical fiber ,…. , then so multiples various scientific and industrial fields.


Key words :


Heusler ‘s alloys , Crystal Quantum Well , Nanostructures , (LDA, GGA) of DFT , Transport Phenomena , Condensed Matter , Material Characterization Techniques , Super conductivity ,Spintronic , Optophotoelectronics , Energy Efficiency , Health Care .


Ph.D. Chafia Metaoui
University of Sidi Bel Abbesse